If you are a drummer or percussionist, you already know that your contribution is intrinsic to the music and an inseparable component of the final performance. Because every instrument in your repertoire is a reflection of you, you listen, evaluate and choose the best instruments all the way down the line.

Yet when you look at your options for chimes - so many metal bars and plastic ties - you might think that chimes aren't considered a serious part of that overall contribution.

Developed and engineered by a percussionist frustrated by a scarcity of quality instruments, TreeWorks Chimes was founded in 1996 to provide musicians with, unquestionably, the finest chime that can be made.

There are three components to the sound of a TreeWorks' chime: the cord, the mantle and the bars. At TreeWorks, each component is a serious contributor to the totally clean, crisp presence that these fine instruments produce.

It has been said that we go too far to create the perfect chime - as if your music didn't matter. Listen. It matters.

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